Frank Kern Kicks Butt Again

by Marcus Rockey on January 12, 2013

Kern spanks it with this
internet marketing strategy

One of the best social media marketing and list building funnels I’ve seen for time…

And was so delicious to see I just had to reverse engineer it so you guys can pin down just how good this guy really is; and learn a thing or two…

When it comes to internet marketing strategy I’m in ore…

Frank leverage’s Facebook for viral marketing results.

Now I love Facebook too and have had some pretty amazing results with their paid advertising.

Watching one of my online hero’s lick it up with FB just gets my juices going…

Franks Facebook campaign is just too Bruce Lee



Here’s a quick snap in case you haven’t had the pleasure.

And I agree, on first examination it don’t look like much is going down with this ad.

But get out your magnifying glass and we see the mechanics of franks latest stealth tactic – so what has one of the best internet marketing pro’s got going on?


I’ve captured his list building internet income funnel step by step -
Grab a coffee, sit back and enjoy!


This ad is deviously brilliant…

The key with this funnel is its deceptiveness. And there’s no criticism in that because there’s value all the way home…

Maybe you’ve heard of sight recognition?

The image Frank uses is instantly recognizable – himself.

He gets away with this attack so well because he is a market leader. He’s well known, has a huge following and is an overall viral marketing guru.

Now only market leaders can pull that off…


But if you’re not a viral marketer there are other things you can do to replicate this step one master move…


Use images that are recognizable to the masses.

A golf ball for the golfing market…

A Labrador in the dog training niche…

You get the picture.


The second and equally important tactic Frank used was pattern disruption.

Pattern disruption is very important when using Facebook or any other kind of display advertising. Because there’s so much information on offer our brain automatically switches off to over 90% of what’s in front of us.

Notice how Frank adapts a few props like sunglasses and a dudeish hat!



This image pulls your attention just enough and in many cases leads to that first and crucial action!

Now you can play with your image. Rotate it, discolor, sepia or add a prop of your own.

Maybe draw a face on the golf ball?

You’d be surprised at the difference this stuff makes – but really it’s all down to testing.

How’s your ad gonna differ from all the ones around it?

A note on the Facebook ad copy


 “Will You Help Frank Kern?”


Top internet marketing tacticians understand that people take action on emotion – SmileSmile with tongue outSteaming madSad smileConfused smileNinjaCrying faceThumbs downThumbs up… Sure they rationalize their decisions but usually that doesn’t happen till after the event.


Franks ad rolls out this precept perfectly by kindly, delicately, stealthy asking for your help. “Will You Help Frank Kern?”


When you carry his kind of authority people are usually dying to help out. Who wouldn’t want to get a little closer to the legend?


And just in case you didn’t recognize his photo he dropped his name in to the mix as well.


Another old school trick is the use of a?

It’s always worked well in email copy and Ad words and is a classic little approach to engagement – a writer downer if you like!

And his description can’t be underestimated…

The LAST thing you are thinking is “maybe there’s an offer coming up!”

No no…

It’s a simple request for help. Help him to help you!

“Hey it’s Frank. Will you tell me what new training videos you’d like me to make you?”

Your resistance is dropped on auto pilot. You’re going in for the click with defences dissolved, ready to see what’s going down in Frank’s world.

Side note…

Take note of the thought and introspection that has been invested in this ad. Your internet marketing approach will do well if you take your time to think about how it will be perceived by others. Frank clearly knows what he’s doing.

A great ad then…

And a mastermind sales funnel to follow…


De-cloaking this social media marketing stealth funnel


I’m gonna speed up a little here…


Once you’ve clicked the ad you find yourself in a basic Survey Money page. This is in keeping with the ad itself and vitally gets that nice approval from the Facebook ad’s team.


Often I’ve found FB reject ad’s that send people away from their site. Their fave’s are ad’s driven to Fanpages (not always but most of the time anyway.)


But Frank pulls this off nicely with ad text that’s congruent with the landing page – another writer downer if you like.


Here is a screenshot of the page…


This viral marketing stealth tactic is now in full flow…

You land on the page and it appears that Frank is doing some regular market research.


However, in line with many of Franks past products he’s using surveys and applications as tools to list build and make money online.

Another writer downer coming up!

Taking the action of completing the survey means you are…

·        Taking a part in the sales funnel (Engagement)

·        Subconsciously wanting more training from Frank Kern.


Love it or hate it you’ve just agreed…

Yes I want more training from Frank!”

And obviously the more good news for Frank is he’s finding out what the market wants and needs.

Once you’re done just click the button and you arrive at this page…



This is a great squeeze page.

It’s done a 1970’s loop and is back in action. I use this kind of page and get opt in’s at around 40%. Another writer downer.

The best internet marketing strategies require consistency and congruency. If you’ve taken a minute to fill in the survey you will most likely want to find out the results.

Plus this can be pretty useful info to any market with the chops.

Frank knows this too…

Get them for dimes to the dollar + a large slice of curiosity, commitment and consistency

(Cialdini’s must read book for any marketer worth their weight)

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion
Affiliate link right here Be right back

Do you reckon his opt in rate is 40%? I reckon it’s a whole lot more than that!

Once you drop in your email you find yourself here…



When I first got to this page the cart button wasn’t anywhere to be seen and my defences were still on the floor. P, P,P Perfect…

 The man boldly says that something busted and the results won’t show up but he took a screen shot of which topic got the most votes. At least!!!

Nicely as he does it…

There’s a coaching video on the exact topic.


Let’s wrap it up, seal it with a kiss and head off into the sunset!


His Facebook ad lowered your defences while his landing page set the hook in your subconscious. You are left in the perfect, and I mean perfect state of mind when the cart and offer appear before your eyes.

I have to say that most people would screw this funnel up. You need the chops to pull off this kind of move. Mr. Frank Kern however is the man that can and the over delivery on value is sublime.

Este muy bueno Franko!”

But you can pull off your own Social Media Marketing funnel you are thoughtful…


1.     On the ad side of things you really need to think about authority. How can you command or create an ad that includes authority? Maybe the use of another guru, celebrity? Not sure about copy right there so I am not taking any responsibility for your actions. But if you rub those brain cells together you will come up with something good…

2.     Create a short survey with obvious and easy answers for your market that asks what they’d like to learn about…

3.     Create a video that shares the survey result that matches a products you sell, then explain your product to them

4.     Make sure the order button doesn’t appear until just after you start explaining your product

I loved this funnel so much that I adapted its principles and made several k. It works and I didn’t even use my own product. Instead I sent people to a sales video for the product I was promoting. Not much work involved really.

My insider tip?

I asked people who their favourite guru was via a survey! Any market, it’s a goer.

And your internet marketing cloud with a silver lining?

It’s a supersonic list building technique!

Are you ready to take the action and replicate this internet marketing strategy?

Tell me your thoughts below!

To Our Success

Marcus Rockey

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  • The Trojen

    Cool post. You just have to love Frank Kern.

    i remember when he started out and reversed engineered products on clickbank but made sure he improved on them. He made tons of money with this kind of approach.

    So I’ve picked up your advise and am gonna try and work this funnel in my own marketing. I reckon it will work on Twitter and Pinterest too – Maybe Linked in?

    Cheers Marcus for this wicked post. Let’s hear of other people think too!

    David Macable

    • rockey100

      Glad you liked the post David.

      Yes this funnel works. As mentioned in the post I’ve adapted this strategy on FB. The key point is to start as a perceived position of authority on the front end. In other words you need to get the click first and let the funnel do the work from there.

      I hear Frank made 6 figures from this funnel in one single attempt.

      Powerful and effective.

      Thanks for your comment.


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