If they unsubscribe it’s good for business!

by Marcus Rockey on February 2, 2013

A smaller email list is one of the best internet marketing strategies to date

Feel good as your email marketing plans get smaller and smaller and smaller…

Internet Marketing Strategies

This is an important blog post because it’s absolutely true…

You work hard to optimize your landing page and pay for people to find it. You split test to see which headlines, submit buttons and color schemes work best and enjoy seeing conversions of 40/50 maybe even 60%!

Then you begin to see hard earned subscribers jump ship!

I used to feel demoralized when people left my sequence and even a bit pissed off cause I felt powerlessness to do anything about it.

Sure the email sequence might have been better, offered greater value and maximized each and every prospects experience. But life isn’t really like that. We can’t please everybody all of the time.

At best we can help some people some of the time even if that lousy statement makes you feel uneasy or frustrated.

However those unsubscribers are the exact actions you and your business needs to increase internet income…


Having people on an email marketing list that aren’t cut out for your content is a dead man’s game and if you have thousands on your list it’s costing you money too.

So take my word for it, if people leave you then it’s most likely they would never have become customers anyways. Your message, your purpose and your business will never turn every subscriber into a client or customer.

Prospects that leave are a positive sign that you’ve made a stand…

I think this…

I don’t think that…

This is right…

This is not…

And to hell with those that leave, disagree or condemn.

Nobody talks about 72 degrees.

It’s either a sweltering 110 or a big freeze -11. The bit in the middle is just a bit boring and irrelevant and doesn’t make money online.

Are you getting a decent level of unsubscribers!?

Do you think a small change in perspective is exactly what your internet marketing strategies need?

To Our Success

Marcus Rockey

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