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by Marcus Rockey on November 15, 2012

Online marketer or internet entrepreneur?


Marketing tactics that help you make money online…


Overload and confusion, the ass kicker for most of today’s internet entrepreneurs and online marketers


How often do you find yourself saying there’s too much to do and not enough time to do it? But is this any wonder when the average marketer is trying to run a venture all on their own. They are responsible for all the tasks, from blogging to graphics and SEO to press releases…


There is uncertainty as to what are the essential tasks to succeed online and this is why  most marketers end up doing a bit of everything without really getting much done at all. The results speak for themselves. Poor profits, huge workload, overwhelm and confusion.


Knowing how to make money online comes down to dividing the essential tasks from the non essential by working to your skill set and focusing on the stuff that actually makes money – products and services…


Below is a little tool I’ve put together that helps to understand the nature of each task and what can be done with it.


Is it a productive or non-productive use of time?


Are we using our skill set for the task?


Do we enjoy it?


  Obstacles                                                                                                         Targets

Name of Task

Problem With Task

What I’m Doing With Task

Productive or Non Productive

What I Need to do With Task


Backlink project







Article writing






Creating my first product










Too time consuming & I hate doing it





Time consuming, not very good at writing




Spending too much time on other projects within my business. Not enough time!









Trying to do an hour each morning but end up doing what I can when I can



Getting nowhere fast, struggling for decent, relevant content



Trying to spend as much time on my product as possible but really only spending one hour a day. All the other business tasks are getting in the way of my progress





Non-productive. not  focused on money making activity




Non-productive. spend more time thinking about it than doing it



Productive only. Must create time for project. My most urgent need to help achieve my annual target.







Budget this task for outsourcing. Must establish a long term relationship with employee


Create a framework for this project to be outsourced



Manage my business by outsourcing the tasks that are not productive and focusing solely on creating my first product; my most urgent task.






Share this tool with your colleagues and friends


In the above inventory columns we simply name the tasks we are having difficulty accomplishing to meet out targets. We give the second column some thought and identify the problem with the task remaining the way it is. Perhaps it is too time consuming, non-productive or you lack skill in this area. Whatever problems you are experiencing the task must be measured against how much it would cost to outsource in comparison to what your time is worth as your hourly rate (see first report for hourly rate tool.)



If we took back linking as an example I would have to say that first I absolutely hate doing it. Second, I’m really not very good at it (probably because I hate it.) Third, it would certainly cost less to do than my hourly rate. And let’s not forget that it is a non-productive use of my time. For as long as I am back linking I am not creating products which are a part of my natural ability and desire, and the route to making profits.



My conclusion is that back linking must be outsourced. Fortunately I have a solid working relationship with a professional who completes projects in an affordable, competent and timely way. As you can see, there is no restraint in this area of my business, nor is it taking up valuable mental space. This project is being done whether I am working or not. There is freedom to operate on the other more productive parts of business.

It’s pretty easy to draw out my work tool on a piece of paper or pad. Give it a go today on the most pressing or time consuming activities in your business.


What are your most pressing tasks?


Are you identifying them and taking the actions to move forward?


To Our Success

Marcus Rockey

Do you know anyone who would benefit from using this simple tool?


  • Graham

    Thanks for this blog post and the cool tool for us to use…

    I will be applying this to my own business. I have two staff members that I will have use it aswell because we do have trouble knowing what the vital activities are and what can be given away to others.

    Online business can be overwhelming for me but this tip is promising.

    Will keep you posted.

    Thanks again.

  • Cam

    Hey Marcus, just finished going through your program on e-mail marketing, and I have to say, what a comprehensive course! It basically covered every aspect of e-mail marketing, not just what to write, but proper formatting, what to talk about in your e-mail, and much, much more… It’s basically an All-In-One course that covers everything someone needs to know about e-mail marketing… My head felt like it was exploding with all the new knowledge I received from your course.

    The part on writing subject lines was definitely worth a fortune in and of itself… If anyone is looking to go from newbie to advanced e-mail marketer, with one simple, easy-to-follow course, then this is definitely the way to do it! Thanks for my copy of E-mail influence!

    -Cam Connor

    • Marcus Rockey

      Hi Cam

      I appreciate your comments and am pleased you got something good from this training module.



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